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Volume 2 [Lessons 32-51: Exodus-Deuteronomy] God with Israel, Part 1

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Drawing Kids Close to God’s Unchanging Heart

Volume 2 [Lessons 32-51: Exodus-Deuteronomy] God with Israel, Part 1

A Teacher's Guide and a Digital Vol. 2 is included with your print copy.

Just as God promised Abraham, his descendants became a great nation. But in Egypt they fell into idol-worship and went from blessed, welcomed guests to cruel, bitter slavery. Through His servant Moses, God came to their rescue, showing Pharaoh and the watching world that He, Yahweh, is the One True God.

God carried them [His own special treasure] on eagles’ wings and brought them to Himself. At Mt. Sinai,  He told them how to behave, and they promised to obey. Wonder of wonders—God’s glorious presence came to be right there with them in the Tabernacle they willingly made. Every person had the privilege of being made right with God through the substitute lambs they brought. [Leviticus 1:4]

God’s people suffered the sad consequences of refusing His Promised Land, but He stayed with them and took wonderful care of them for 40 years in the wilderness.

Meanwhile, the clock was ticking for the people of Canaan who for hundreds of years had chosen to ignore God and polluted the Land with corrupt idol worship.

This print version comes with a thumb drive that contains the digital Lessons and Supplements and the digital version of the Teacher's Guide.

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