Drawing kids close to God's unchanging heart

From forever before to forever after, God has had your kids on His heart.

Rock Solid Kids is a 6 volume, 2-3-year curriculum for kids around 6 to 12 years of age.

Designed for 

  • Home School
  • Sunday School
  • Christian Schools
  • Family Devotions


Teacher's Guide (The Teacher's Guide is included with each of the volumes)

Volume 1 [Lessons 1-31] Genesis: Beginnings!

Volume 2 [Lessons 32-51: Exodus-Deuteronomy] God with Israel, Part 1

Volume 3 [Lessons 52-68: Joshua-Malachi+] God with Israel, Part 2  

Volume 4 [Lessons 69-84: The Four Gospels 1] The Rescuer Arrives    -  Coming Soon

Volume 5 [Lessons 85-103: The Four Gospels2-Acts 2] God Completes His Rescue Plan   -  Coming Soon

Volume 6 [Lessons 103-130: Acts, Letters to the Churches and the Revelation] God in Us...and With Us...Forever!  -  Coming Soon

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