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Volume 1 [Lessons 1-31] Genesis: Beginnings!

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Drawing Kids Close to God’s Unchanging Heart

Volume 1: Beginnings!
[Lessons 1-31: Genesis]

A Teacher's Guide and a Digital Volume 1 (Lessons and Supplements) are included with your print copy.

After an introduction to the Bible and its Author, the history of “the heavens and the earth” begins. We take plenty of time to notice God’s great power and loving heart in creation, His wonderful plans for His image-bearers, their sad choice, and its tragic consequences.

We watch God come after them, provide a substitute animal for them, and promise a Rescuer.

Generation after generation is born into the world—and generation after generation die, because all are sinners. In fact, people became more and more wicked until “everything people thought or imagined was constantly and totally evil.” It broke God’s heart, and He had to destroy the once-beautiful world He’d made. But He went to great lengths to save the one man [and his family!] who listened to Him and believed Him.

Through the rest of Genesis, from Noah to Abraham to Joseph, we see what a great blessing it is for people to be friends with God and have God with them.

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