Spanish - Building on Firm Foundations, volume 5 (print)

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Teaching New Believers Romans and Ephesians 

This Spanish volume of Trevor McIlwain's Building on Firm Foundations series explores Romans and Ephesians, providing us with a masterful description of the Gospel and its transforming power.

Guiding the pen of the Apostle Paul, God fully explained His grace toward us undeserving sinners and how we can have freedom from the penalty and power of sin through faith in Christ and His finished work.

In these two Epistles, God not only clearly defined the foundations of the Christian faith, but also showed how intimacy with Him can transform our lives and, subsequently, those of others. These books teach us how to live close to our Savior and to walk in victory individually as well as live in unity with fellow believers.

This doctrinal framework provides us with a solid blueprint for the local church, whether in Vancouver or a small, secluded village in the Andes mountains.


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