Spanish - Building on Firm Foundations volume 6 (print)

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In building firm foundations, it's necessary to lay spiritual footings that cannot be shaken in a tempestuous environment. The church in Corinth faced many of the same disturbing issues churches encounter today. God used the Apostle Paul to help the new believers deal with immorality and divisions among them, and to answer pressing questions with which they were struggling. His deepest desire was to encourage those Christians to live blameless lives as a result of sincere commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

As Paul continued to give foundational help to the fledgling churches of his day, he instructed his protégé, Timothy, as well as his trusted traveling companion, Titus, in the matters of qualifications for church leaders and pastoral duties; how believers should interact with one another in an effective and God-honoring manner, and of how they should respond to the world around them. 

As we study through Volume 6 of the Building on Firm Foundations series, we will see that the spiritual framework for the churches in Corinth and Ephesus and for those on the island of Crete is just as applicable to church development today.

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