Firm Foundations Growing in Christ Romans: Study Guide (Print)

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    Firm Foundations

    Romans: Growing in Christ 

    Study Guide

    Book 8 - Teaching believers that they are free from sin's power

    Author: Trevor McIlwain 

    This study guide accompanies the Growing in Christ: Romans Bible study. It provides participants with an outlined page for note taking during each lesson and two pages of short questions to engage students in what they have learned. Answer key is provided.

    "In each lesson, students are taught the meaning of the text, verse by verse. They are also given the opportunity to consider how the truths they have learned can be applied in practical ways to their everyday lives. 

    The early lessons follow Paul's step-by-step argument that all humanity has chosen the path of rebellion. All people are therefore, under the righteous judgement of God, their Creator. 

    From the hopeless scene of man's awful depravity and just condemnation, the lessons lead us to Paul's careful explanation of the Gospel--the good news that God has provided forgiveness for all who put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."


    •  14 lessons
    • 56-page paperback (6” X 9”)
    • Study guide to accompany Growing in Christ: Romans
    • Teacher’s Guide sold separately

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    • 14 Interactive lessons
    • paperback

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