French- Building on Firm Foundations 3 Volume Set (Print)

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Building on Firm Foundations



Les leçons de cette étude enseignent l'histoire de la rédemption de Dieu, commençant dans la Genèse et se terminant par l'ascension du Christ. Grâce à ces leçons, les auditeurs parviendront à une compréhension claire de :

  • La nature et le caractère de Dieu
  • Leur propre état de péché, d'impuissance et de désespoir
  • L'œuvre salvatrice tout-suffisante de Christ par sa mort, son ensevelissement et sa résurrection

Chronological Bible lessons for evangelism from Genesis to Christ's ascension in French. 

This three-volume French version of Building on Firm Foundations contains:

  • Volume 1 – The principles and methodology for chronological teaching
  • Volume 2A and 2B – 70 lessons teaching from Genesis through the Ascension
  • Set of 3 maps
  • CD of digital Bible teaching pictures in both color and black and white line drawings to accompany the lessons

Through these lessons, the hearers will come to a clear understanding of:

  • God’s nature and character
  • Their own sinfulness, helplessness and hopelessness
  • Christ’s all-sufficient saving work on their behalf through is death, burial and resurrection

Though Building on Firm Foundations was originally designed as a teaching tool for missionaries, it has proven invaluable in all settings. This version of Firm Foundations is best used for the following:

  • Age 12 through adult
  • Best suited for use by pastors, teachers or missionaries
  • Lesson preparation required


  • French version
  • Three paperback books
  • Chronological Bible Story Pictures recommended, sold separately

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