Firm Foundations Growing in Christ Ephesians: (DVD Digital Version)

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Firm Foundations

Growing in Christ: Ephesians

(DVD Digital Version)

Author: Trevor McIlwain 

"In the first half of this letter Paul encourages his reader to view themselves as God sees them - chosen and fully accepted in Christ's perfection and endowed with every spiritual blessing that God could possibly give. Paul continues his letter with an emphasis on God's new revelation - the Church, Gods Temple on earth. 

The second part of Paul's epistle is a call to believers to live according to their new position in Christ and to stand against the constant attacks of Satan by clothing themselves with the complete armor provided by God." p. 1 Growing in Christ: Ephesians 

This curriculum has proven invaluable in teaching settings. This version of Firm Foundations is best used for the following:

  • Age 12 through adult
  • Ideal for the novice or experienced teacher
  • Ready-to-use, well laid out lesson plans 


  • 14 lessons in PDF format
  • Bible references linked to passages
  • Presentations in PowerPoint and Keynote
  • This DVD is for teacher use and not prepared as a DVD presentation to be shown to the class.
  • Study Guide sold separately
  • A continuation of the Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ (boxed set)
  • Comparable to the first part of Building on Firm Foundations, Volume 5 – Teaching New Believers: Romans and Ephesians
  • Compare to other Firm Foundations curriculum

 The Digital Edition includes the complete text of the Teacher's Edition in PDF format ready-to-use PowerPoint and Keynote presentations for each lesson.  This DVD is for Teacher use – not prepared as a DVD presentation to be shown to the class.     

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