Spanish - EE-TAOW The Mouk Story and The Next Chapter (DVD)

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The Ee-Taow DVD combines a two feature presentations and a bonus video. 
  • The Mouk Story is the feature presentation. Your heart will rejoice as you witness the Mouk tribe of Papua New Guinea respond dramatically to the gospel. You’ll follow their story from murderous sorcery and deceit, to a life-changing understanding of what God has done for them. (Running Time: 24 minutes)
  • The Next Chapter is the bonus video. NTM missionary, Mark Zook, didn’t go all the way from Pennsylvania to Papua New Guinea to share the gospel in one village. He went to plant a church, and to help that church take God’s Word to other Mouk villages and surrounding tribes. You’ll witness what happens when people awakened to God’s love for the first time in their history take advantage of the opportunity to share His love with others. (Running Time: 33 minutes)
  • Now We See Clearly is the second bonus video. It is another great video showing how the chronological teaching of God’s Word makes the gospel clear to tribal people. (Running Time: 31 minutes) 


  • Spanish version
  • DVD video format
  • Full Running Time: 88 minutes

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