Chinese (Simplified) Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ (Download)

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Adult Chronological Bible Study  Chinese (Simplified) 


圣经研究,牢固的基础:创造基督,揭示了上帝的故事。 通过关键的圣经段落,这些课程逐渐揭示了关于上帝和人的真理,以及弥合罪恶鸿沟的福音和恩典。

This single volume of chronological Bible lessons for evangelism begins in Genesis and culminates with Christ’s Ascension.

Author: Trevor McIlwain 

The gospel and grace are simple concepts. Communicating them clearly is not. People around the world have used an effective solution: teaching chronologically through the Bible.

The Chinese simplified version of Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ unfolds the story of God. Moving through key Bible passages, these lessons progressively reveal truth about God and man, and the gospel and grace that bridge the gap of sin.

This curriculum has proven invaluable in teaching settings. This version of Firm Foundations is best used for the following:

  • Age 12 through adult
  • Ideal for the novice or experienced teacher
  • Ready-to-use, well laid out lesson plans


 Chinese simplified version

  • One volume teacher’s guide
  • Supplement teaching aids
  • Chronological Bible Story Pictures recommended, sold separately

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