Children's Firm Foundations Grades 5 & 6 Teacher's Guide Part 2 (Print)

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Firm Foundations Creation to Christ: The Truth About God For 5th and 6th Graders

Teacher's Guide Part 2 Designed for use in Christian Education and Home Schools.   Children's Christian Education Series . 

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  • 10 lessons divided into 88 days
  • 310-page spiral paperback
  • Student Guide: Part 2 sold separately.

     Firm Foundations for Christian education emphasizes:

    • God's character,
    • His promise of a coming Deliverer
    • The fulfillment of that promise told about in the New Testament.

    These lessons include inductive Bible studies, memory challenges, hands-on activities, map studies, a student glossary, dramas, and songs. The workbooks use creative graphic organizers and art work to capture students' interest and facilitate their understanding of foundational Bible truths.

    Part One of this curriculum covers Creation to The Ten Commandments (8 lessons, 88 days), and Part Two covers from The Tabernacle to the Ascension of Christ (10 lessons, 88 days).

    For decades, the chronological pattern of teaching in Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ has helped men and women around the world gain a clear understanding of God, man's relationship to Him, and His plan of salvation through the death of His Son. We are tremendously excited to offer this material for students in both Christian schools and home school.

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