Building on Firm Foundations Volume 3 Teaching New Believers: Genesis Through the Ascension (Print)

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Volume 3 in the Building on Firm Foundations series teaches through the narrative of scripture from Genesis to the ascension. Unlike Volume 2, Volume 3 teaches through these passages for believers helping to connect the Old Testament symbols to New Testament teaching focusing on the believer's security in Christ. 

This is an updated edition with revisions made after the original was used in
more than 200 people groups.

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     From the back cover:

    How does a Bible teacher or church planter move new believers beyond the foundational stages of t their faith?

    In this third volume of the Building on Firm Foundation series, Trevor Mcllwain focuses the light of the Word on the next stage in the growth of individual believers and the development of the church.

    This volume will guide you in shepherding a fledgling flock, leading them into a deeper understanding of their position and provision in Christ. As they truly grasp the fullness of His accomplishments on their behalf, they will shun self-effort and legalism, a vital step in preparing them for future teaching about their responsibilities as believers.

    Phase 2 of the chronological teaching curriculum offers 16 lessons, easy to teach and necessary to the growth of any Christian, whether in urban America or the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

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