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Drawing Kids Close to God’s Unchanging Heart
Teacher's Guide

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Drawing Kids Close to God’s Unchanging Heart

Teacher's Guide

Note: A free printed copy of the Teacher's Guide is included with your order of the printed version of Volume 1.   A free digital copy of the Teacher’s Guide is also included with all other orders of RSK volumes either printed or digital. 

An overview of the goal, design, contents, resources, preparation and presentation of the lessons in the RockSolidKids Drawing Kids Close to God’s Unchanging Heart Curriculum.

From forever before to forever after, God has had your kids on His heart. Rock Solid Kids is a 6 volume, 2-3-year curriculum for kids around 6 to 12 years of age.

Designed for 

  • Home School
  • Sunday School
  • Christian Schools
  • Family Devotions


Teacher's Guide

Volume 1 [Lessons 1-31] Genesis: Beginnings!

Volume 2 [Lessons 32-51: Exodus-Deuteronomy] God with Israel, Part 1

Volume 3 [Lessons 52-68: Joshua-Malachi+] God with Israel, Part 2 

Volume 4 [Lessons 69-84: The Four Gospels 1] The Rescuer Arrives

Volume 5 [Lessons 85-103: The Four Gospels2-Acts 2] God Completes His Rescue Plan

Volume 6 [Lessons 103-130: Acts, Letters to the Churches and the Revelation] God in Us...and With Us...Forever!

Rock Solid Kids are on your heart and His Heart: kids who know and love God because they’ve spent time with Him.

It’s a slow steady joyful wonderful journey. There really are no shortcuts. The 3 years in the RSK lessons will draw your kids’ hearts and anchor them to the unchanging goodness of His.

Invest just an hour or two in the Teacher’s Guide. And then follow the Almost-Too-Good-To-Be-True Story, with your kids, from Forever Before to Forever After.

Go to https://rocksolidkids.org to find out more about RockSolidKids.
Or email us at RSK@rocksolidkids.org.

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