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Spanish - Firm Foundations Creation to Christ, Children’s Edition (Print)

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Creation to Christ

Children's edition


Lesson and supplemental materials for teaching children chronologically from Creation to Christ.

Author: Trevor McIlwain with Nancy Everson

Children are wonderfully teachable and eager to learn. As teachers, we have the privilege of presenting solid truth to them from God’s Word. These carefully written lessons begin in Genesis, gripping the children’s attention as a firm foundation is laid for a clear presentation of the gospel.

This full-year’s worth of materials contains:

  • Five teacher’s volumes:
    • Book 1 – Teacher Instruction and Preparation
    • Book 2 – Lessons 1-12: Creation - The Birth of Cain and Abel
    • Book 3 – Lessons 13-25: God Rejected Cain but Accepted Abel - The Ten Commandments
    • Book 4 – Lessons 26-38: The Tabernacle - Jesus’ Birth and Ministry
    • Book 5 – Lessons 39-50: Jesus’ Miracles - Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension
  • Three full-color maps
  • One full-color chronological timeline chart
  • 15 colorful posters and a variety of visuals
  • Complimentary student workbook (reproducible for classroom use).

This curriculum has proven invaluable in teaching settings. This version of Firm Foundations is best used for the following:

  • Children up to age 11
  • Ideal for the novice or experienced teacher
  • Ready-to-use, well laid out lesson plans
  • Weekly format


  • Spanish version
  • 50 lessons in five teacher books
  • Paperbacks
  • Chronological Bible Story Pictures recommended, sold separately
  • Compare to other Firm Foundations curriculum

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