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Foundation Matters Pictures (Download)

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Created by prominent Bible illustrator Graham Kennedy of Foundation Matters, these Bible pictures have been carefully chosen for accuracy to illustrate and complement the stories that are included in Firm Foundations Bible study curriculum. Illustrations cover Bible stories from the Creation in Genesis through the Acts of the Apostles. 

We offer two sets of Bible pictures. The Firm Foundations Bible pictures were developed to accompany our teaching books, they are an optional supplement.

The Foundation Matters Bible pictures were developed as an upgrade of the Firm Foundations Bible pictures. There are 210 of these newer pictures rather than the 105 in the Firm Foundations set.

The Firm Foundations pictures or the Foundation Matters pictures will work equally well with our materials.


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  • 210 Pictures in Power Point and Keynote format



The files are bundled in a zip file. You must extract the zip to access the contents. If you need help, please follow the instructions here: How to extract a zip file

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