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Building on Firm Foundations Volume 2 Creation to the Ascention (Download)

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Volume 2 Includes the first 70 lessons in the Building on Firm Foundations series covering lessons from Creation to Christ. 

The lessons in this book cover Phase 1 of the chronological teaching program. These lessons are designed for evangelism. These lessons emphasize truths about God, man, sin, and God's provision for salvation through the narrative of scripture in a way that lays the foundation for a clear understanding of the Gospel message.

The lessons are to be a resource for the teacher. They were written primarily for missionaries to guide them step by step as they write Bible lessons, but the lessons can be easily adapted for use in other situations.

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From the back cover: 

Without effective evangelism, there can be no effective church. Trevor Mcilwain, in this second volume of the Building on Firm Foundations series, provides a detailed manual for cross-cultural evangelism within a church-planting context.

This volume is not for those who seek a quick, easy, minimally-involved approach to evangelism. Trevor writes for those who take evangelism and church planting seriously. He provides a meticulous, biblical approach for teaching the Gospel of grace as God's only provision for salvation.

The Bible lessons in this volume teach God's story of redemption, beginning in Genesis and concluding with the ascension of Christ.

Through these lessons, the hearers will come to a clear understanding of:

  • God's nature and character
  • Their own sinfulness, helplessness and hopelessness
  • Christ's all-sufficient saving work through His death, burial and resurrection

Whether one is teaching in Atlanta or the plains of Africa, these lessons lay firm foundations for saving faith in Christ.

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