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Building on Firm Foundations Volume 4 Teaching New Believers: Acts (Print)

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Volume 4 in the Building on Firm Foundations series.
Teaching New Believers: Acts


The Gospel ignited in Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago. The Church was birthed, and traveled across ethnic and geographic barriers to the Gentile world.

Acts - the historical record of the early Church - continues to be a reliable model for today's infant Church. Believers will learn to appreciate the Spirit-led boldness of Christ's first followers in the midst of great trials and suffering. They will also be encouraged to discover how God's grace, power and strength enabled these disciples, not only to stand firm, but to take His Word to others.

Bible teachers, whether in Atlanta or the Amazon rainforest, will enjoy using this Building on Firm Foundations curriculum to guide believers through New Testament biblical history. These lessons in Acts will help students identify with first-century Christians and understand their own responsibility to spread the Gospel.

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  • 15 Lessons

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