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Building on Firm Foundations Volume 1 Guidelines for Evangelism and Teaching Believers (Print)

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Volume 1 explains the biblical and practical reasons for teaching chronologically. 

Author: Trevor McIlwain

 In Volume 1 of Building on Firm Foundations, Trevor McIlwain explains the biblical and practical reasons for laying scriptural foundations for evangelism and church planting by teaching the Bible chronologically, beginning in the Old Testament and ending in the New Testament.  In addition the following topics are addressed:

  • Pre-Evangelism
  • Guidelines for Evangelism
  • Developing and Teaching Phase 1
  • Lesson Layout
  • Bible Lesson Preparation Process
  • What to do when there is little or no response 

Though Building on Firm Foundations was originally designed as a teaching tool for missionaries, it has proven invaluable in all settings. This version of Firm Foundations is best used for the following:

  • Age 12 through adult
  • Best suited for use by pastors, teachers or missionaries
  • Lesson preparation required


 197-page paperback

  • Volume 1 of the Building on Firm Foundations series
  • Compare to Firm Foundations curriculum



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